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First Capital Financial Savings plans apart from helping keep your money for the raining day, also offers a multiple advantage to you as a customer. The under listed are just part of the benefits in using our product;

  1. Free Life Insurance up to N10 Million Naira
    Minimum monthly deposit qualifies a customer for a life insurance cover and same to Term Savings of six months for Investors or Term Savers qualifies customer automatically for a life Insurance equivalent to the total sum invested.
  2. Access to Loans:
    Your Savings qualifies you to take a single digit interest loan without collateral while your Term Savings Certificate can be used a collateral
  3. Issuance of Debit Card (Optional):
    This card will help you withdraw your money easily, whenever and wherever you go. All you need to do is to go to any nearest ATM to withdraw your money.
  4. High Interest Yield:
    Your account with First Capital Financials will yield you good return on Investment. Our Interest is the best the market.
  5. Quarterly Interest Payment:
    You have an option to select interest payment into any of account on quarterly basis.
  6. Total Refund of Contribution or Savings:
    In the case of death, First Capital Financials refunds the total amount saved or invested plus Life Insurance equivalent to the amount saved or invested with accrued interest to the family or the next of kin of the bereaved.

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Our operations are designed to ensure the highest level of banking standards in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction, transparency and accountability. Therefore we have designed a set of core products which are notably easy loans, term deposits, group loans, asset finance as well as Target savings.


We Have Opportunities

First Capital is first and foremost, a consumer finance institution that provides first class consumer products and services to our customers (external & internal). We care about our people and are committed to building capacity and empowering our staff through our various training and mentoring programs. First Capital boasts of Staff that think like business owners and are driven by a service ownership and entrepreneurial spirit. We offer service and stay true to our core values of mutual respect while operating with utmost transparency and integrity

We are guided by a principle based on our core values of:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Service Ownership and Entrepreneurship

To join the First Capital Financials team, please send updated CVs to career@firstcapitalng.com

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Bordilak Plaza, Zone C, Block 9A, ASPMDA Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Express Way, Lagos.


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